Diagnosing pneumonia in the field

About RespiDx

RespiDx is a social impact venture which has developed a device to enable simple diagnosis of pneumonia and febrile disease in the field by untrained Community Health Workers (CHWs).  The automatic diagnosis of pneumonia is based on WHO diagnostic criteria.   

The Company’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs in the field of medical devices with a track record of growing successful start-ups: Flight Medical, VersaMed, Syqe Medical and SteadyMed.

RespiDx’s efforts are currently focused on optimizing the Company’s pneumonia diagnosis device for mass-manufacturing and market entry.

Due the potential contribution of the Company’s device to healthcare in under-developed countries, the development has been largely funded by international grants.

Diagnosing pneumonia in under-developed countries

Pneumonia kills about a million children under 5 every year and is the primary cause of child death in under-developed countries. The United Nations and the World Health Organization are leading the fight against pneumonia and mounting a major effort to improve diagnosis and treatment in the field.

In the absence of chest radiology & blood tests, pneumonia is classified based on symptoms and physical examinations:

  • Tachypnea – high respiratory rate
  • Fever – high body temperature
  • Hypoxemia – low oxygen level

RespiDx’s diagnosis device measures all these signs in one go and provides a simple yes/no indication of the presence of pneumonia by using a red/green LED.

Clinical studies of the Multimometer™ have been performed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

RespiDx’s activities in diagnosing pneumonia in under-developed countries are supported by Grand Challenges Israel, USAid and Grand Challenges Canada.




In 2019, RespiDx Ltd. founded a spin-off, OmnySense Ltd., to commercialize technology developed by some of its founders, as a mass-market product for developed markets.
This technology is being developed “under the radar” pending its market release.

Management Team

Yossi Aldar, CEO – Seasoned CEO with extensive experience in founding and managing medical device start-ups, including: Syqe Medical, SteadyMed Therapeutics (NASDAQ:STDY), VersaMed (acquired by GE Healthcare) and Flight Medical (TASE:FLGM).
Dr. Keren Fradkin, PhD, VP R&D – Entrepreneur and executive in the BioMed & Electro-Optics fields. Previously the GM and VP R&D at SteadyMed Therapeutics; VP Electro-Optical Products at MediVision, acquired by Merge Healthcare (NASDAQ:MRGE).
Prof. Israel Amirav, MD, Medical Director – Co-founder, RespiDx; expert in Pediatric Pulmonology, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Experienced medical device developer.
Ian Solomon, VP Business Development – Serial entrepreneur in the field of medical devices.  Co-founder of SteadyMed, Dosense, Aespira and RespiDx.
Amir Elhasid – Marketing Director – previously, Global Marketing Director, Teva Respiratory. Expert in marketing of medical devices.
Gidi Kahana 1953-2016 – Experienced manager in the chemical, life-science and drug delivery industries. Founder of Silex Projects. Co-founder of LaraPharm, Guardian Therapeutics, Lumiere Technologies (Switzerland), SteadyMed, Aespira, Satec Ecochem and RespiDx.

And a dear friend.

Contact us at phone: 972-50-7791493

email: info@respidx.com

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